Season 1

All our Silly Ass Episodes!


Attila the Hun vs. The Roman Empire

For our first episode, we introduce the fellas, Nick Palermo and Will Loden, and their academic credentials. Then they jump into the first conflict, and discuss Attila the Hun and all of his family, bribing barbarians, and the most important question of all, what's Rome's deal? Special guests Robert Mungle and Tre Tutson.


The Yellow Turban Rebellion

In this episode, we discuss the Yellow Turban Rebellion! Special guest comedians Radu Bondar & Micah Green


NYPD vs Everyone

Is the NYPD maybe, possible, even a little bit, corrupt? On this week's episode, the fellas stop and frisk this theory, and learn about the NYPD! With guest Corlis DeLaruen!


The First Anglo-Afghan War

On this episode, the fellas cover the First Anglo-Afghan War. You know, because there aren't enough stories about conflict in Afghanistan. Learn about the players of the conflict, and why Afghanistan is the ``I wish-a-motherfucker-would`` of being invaded. With guest Jerry Wayne Longmire!


Vlad the Impaler vs Ottoman Empire

On this episode, we discuss Vlad, the real life psychotic that Dracula is based off of, vs the Ottoman Empire, who's name we've repurposed in a very disrespectful way. It's a fun one! With guests Kate Vance & Bob Morrissey!


The First Crusades

On this episode, we discuss the very first Crusades! The original! Not one of these sequel-crusades you hear so much about. This one is Western Europe vs the Turks and Egyptians. It's as back-stabby as most history! Our guest this week is comedian Jamal Rahal!


Whiskey vs The Feds

How does it turn out when a group of people that just fought for freedom from a government that over-taxed them, are then immediately taxed by their new government? Poorly. Very, very poorly. And you know, with weapons. With guests Slade Ham & Sam Demaris!


The Punic Wars - Part 1

This week is the first episode of our first 2-parter! We're talking about the Punic wars, which is Rome vs. Carthage. It has conflict, intrigue, and way more elephants than you'd think! With guests Drew Hollway & Henry Price!


The Punic Wars - Part 2

We're back with the second part of our 2-parter on the Punic Wars! Didn't that first episode have way more elephants than you'd think? This one is just as lousy with horse blood. Listen to understand that! With our guest Albert DeLeon!


S1.E10 England vs Scotland - International Caps

On this episode, we talk about the first international soccer game, between England & Scotland! It's A LOT more exciting than it sounds! England tries to cheat, big surprise! With guests Zahid Dewji & Radu Bondar! It's a fun one!


S1.E11 Incan Empire vs Spain

On this episode, we talk about the Incan Empire vs Spain! It's a lot of fun! The conversation, not the actually story obviously, but you know what we mean! Our guests are two of our favorites, English Matt & Enrique Chacon.


Seminole Indians vs The United States

For the season finale of our first season, we're talking about the Seminole Indians vs the United States government! Based on the title, I bet you've got a guess who won!