Comedians Will Loden & Nick Palermo believe all human conflict boils down to one group of people looking at another group of people and thinking “There hats are stupid, and their things should be our things.” On Silly Hats, we prove that, one dumb episode at a time.

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Attila the Hun vs. The Roman Empire

For our first episode, we introduce the fellas, Nick Palermo and Will Loden, and their academic credentials. Then they jump into the first conflict, and discuss Attila the Hun and all of his family, bribing barbarians, and the most important question of all, what's Rome's deal? Special guests Robert Mungle and Tre Tutson.


The Yellow Turban Rebellion

In this episode, we discuss the Yellow Turban Rebellion! Special guest comedians Radu Bondar & Micah Green


NYPD vs Everyone

Is the NYPD maybe, possible, even a little bit, corrupt? On this week's episode, the fellas stop and frisk this theory, and learn about the NYPD! With guest Corlis DeLaruen!

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